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Ventless fireplace

Ventless gas logs are often referred to as vent-free gas logs. These special logs have specifically designed burners that burn the gas cleanly and produce almost no exhaust. Ventless gas fireplace insert ranges in sizes between 16 inches to 30 inches.

Ventless gas fireplace installation

Installing vent-free gas logs is not a DIY job. Installation must be performed by a professional who can do the proper tests on your gas pressure and make sure that the installation meets building codes and follows the health and safety specifications required. The designer technician will need to check if you need a ventless natural gas fireplace insert or a ventless propane fireplace.


Ventless gas logs can be install in any fireplace that’s fully capable of burning wood and are burned with the damper close. They’re also designed for use in any certified vent-free firebox.

Experience the difference with ventless gas fireplace log sets

Ventless gas logs come in ceramic fiber as well as traditional refractory concrete logs. Hand painted logs bring out rich, lifelike details you would see in a real wood burning fireplace.

Benefits of ventless gas logs

  • 99.9% of the heat produced by the gas logs warms the room
  • Less pollution
  • Slightly less gas usage
  • Modern design of a corner ventless gas fireplace
  • Linear ventless gas fireplace

Ventless gas logs risks

Although less expensive and easier to install (considering they’re freestanding), the gas and propane options do have some risks since there’s no chimney to expel their gases to the outside. Ventless fireplaces don’t include a chimney, vent, or damper. For this reason, some countries, states, and cities have made ventless gas logs illegal due to health and safety concerns due to the lack of ventilation, therefore questioning its safety.

Ventless fireplaces fueled by gas or propane rely on indoor air for combustion, and they exhaust a low level of their combustion gases into the room, similar to a gas range in a kitchen.

Ventless logs smell

Ventless logs produce an unmistakeable odor. There is no way of preventing this, it is simply the nature of burning natural gas in your home without exhausting the fumes up a chimney. In a perfect world, the natural byproduct of burning “pure” natural gas is water vapor and carbon dioxide, and many people believe that burning natural gas in your home should produce no odor…so they think there is something awry with their ventless logs when they produce a smell. However, the science behind the different types of gas fireplaces contradicts this claim.

The gas at to your house is not perfect. It contains small amounts of impurities and additives, one of which is the rotten egg smell which is added so that you can smell a gas leak if it occurs. The most common rotten smelling additive is Methyl Mercaptan, when burning, it smells more like burnt matches mixed with rotten eggs. Sulfur dioxide can irritate the eyes and respiratory tract in concentrated amounts. Gas suppliers claim that the amount is so minute that it poses no health risk, however many people actually experience discomfort when burning ventless logs.

What can you do if you have vent free logs and simply cannot live with the odor? If your fireplace has a functional chimney, open the damper in your fireplace.

Ventless logs soot

If you see soot accumulating on your ventless logs, then carbon monoxide is also being produced. Turn off the fireplace and call us to repair your gas fireplace logs. Call 911 if you’re feeling sick as this is a symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning. A quality professional needs to install, repair, and tune-up all gas fireplaces.

Keeping your family warm with a gas fireplace is both energy efficient and beautiful.

We offer solutions to your home’s unique problems in order to keep your home in it’s perfect, desirable condition. Here's a list of our gas fireplaces services:

  • Gas fireplace insert installation
  • Outdoor gas fireplace insert
  • Gas fireplace repair
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Gas log fireplace maintenance
  • Gas logs
  • Ventless fireplace
  • How much does a new gas fireplace cost
  • Vented propane fireplaces
  • Gas fireplace accessories
  • Wood burning stove
  • Safety products
  • Fireplace remotes

Safety warning

If you see soot accumulating on your logs, then carbon monoxide is also being produced. Turn off the fireplace and call us to repair your gas fireplace logs. Call 911 if you’re feeling sick as this is a symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning. Always schedule a Gas Fireplace Solutions designer technician to install, service, and tune-up your gas fireplace. To ensure your gas fireplace works safely, conveniently, and efficiently use your 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. If you have any questions, please visit our showroom and we’ll assist you.

Experience the professional and excellent customer service with Gas Fireplace Solutions.

  • Award winning customer service
  • No hidden fees because our technicians provide a written estimate of the cost before project begins.
  • We'll notify you when we're on our way.
  • You’ll never have to clean up after our designer technicians.

100% satisfaction money back guarantee

If you aren't satisfied with your new gas fireplace, we'll either repair the problem to your satisfaction or remove it and refund the purchase price. Within one year of purchase date. All of this is subject to conditions and limitations.

Financing your new gas fireplace

Start the credit approval process today with only a 15 minute phone call to our office. Get pre-approved for the most affordable payment options for your budget through our incredibly easy financing.

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